Those Kodak Moments in the Times of Your Life

This is like the getting-to-know-you stage of a relationship, between me and WordPress.  I have to get used to this so I will use it more often.

Today, there was news about Kodak losing out to other companies in the digital arena. I sure am quite disappointed about this because I pray that someone will continue the legacy that Kodak has started. If only I had the money, I’d buy the company and just upgrade all the cameras to better ones and incorporate the lenses into cellphones or something, to keep up with the competition. Or better yet, turn those cameras into cellphones with cameras and keep upgrading the technology.

But there’s always a reason why things happen. Just like what people say that when a door closes, another one opens.  I just hope so. There’s going to be something better that awaits most of us.

I have this to say to Kodak:  I grew up on Kodak films, magic cubes, flash bulbs, photo paper, developing and printing. Sooner or later, all these will just become a memory because of the entry of the digital darkroom in our midst. Photos now have become easier to delete, edit, tweak, or what have you. But nothing compares to a photo straight from your darkroom into someone’s hands. Photos are forever. Those Kodak Moments will always be there, imprinted in our minds, in our photographs.

Kodak Moments will always be with me until the day I close my eyes.


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